This agreement is between The Ground Transportation company 'PLAYATRANSFERS' located in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, and THE CLIENT:

Terms & Conditions

1. Reservations: THE CLIENT guarantees that all information entered in the following PLAYATRANSFERS’ booking system regarding ground transportation information from or to Cancun airport is accurate.
2. If within the days of the information given to Playatranfers and before the requested date there are changes of flight information (date, airline, flight number or arrival/departure time) or even the number of passengers change, THE CLIENT must inform this to PLAYATRANSFERS at least 24 hours before the requested date and time. Additional charges may apply.
3. If there is more than one flight for the same requested service, THE CLIENT must indicate ALL the information in the box of ‘EXTRA COMMENTS’ (this is important because not all planes land in the same terminal and there might be delays between planes too). For this reason, PLAYATRANSFERS strongly recommends arranging transfers for each flight in order to minimize your waiting time at the airport or avoid extra charges.
4. The transfer hired applies only for the information you’re about to give. Any other request made the day of the service that was not requested (e.g. adding more passengers, asking for a beer-stop or a detour) might be denied or have an extra charge in cash.
5. Once the booking and payment are made, in the case of a transfer from Cancun airport to a certain destination, within 24 hours PLAYATRANSFERS will send a confirmation file with instructions on how we will meet at Cancun airport. In the case you make a reservation from any point to Cancun airport, PLAYATRANSFERS will send you a file with a pick up time confirmation for the transfer’s date requested.
6. Delays. If the flight number provided by THE CLIENT is delayed for any reason within the same day, PLAYATRANSFERS will still provide the requested service. THE CLIENT doesn’t need to inform of any minor changes; only in cases where airline or flight numbers change THE CLIENT must tell PLAYATRANSFERS. If there’s no advise from THE CLIENT of an important change (lost conected flight, missed flight, cancelled flight hours before, a Cancellation fee will apply (please read the cancellations policy).
7. Services do not include tips for drivers, gratuities for baggers, child seats, stops for groceries or any other courtesy stops. If child seat, a grocery stop or a six pack of beers are required, THE CLIENT must choose them in the Reservation form given afterwards this agreement. 
8. Please contact PLAYATRANSFERS directly with any other information specific to this transfer.
9. Agreement. PLAYATRANSFERS agrees to provide transportation in time and service as specified in the information provided by THE CLIENT. PLAYATRANSFERS is an official ground transportation company with legal permission from Cancun Airport. Also, PLAYATRANSFERS offers vehicles with all the permissions required by the laws of Mexico. These apply in case of an accident during the ground transportation service in the area of the Yucatan Peninsula. Mexican law requires compensation in the following manner: passenger insurance (3.220 days of minimum salary per death [approximately 13.200 USD], luggage insurance (50 days of minimum salary per lost bag [approximately 200 USD]), and insurance for third party damages. PLAYATRANSFERS will provide vehicles that are clean, air conditioned and in good condition. All the drivers of PLAYATRANSFERS have legal permission from the Mexican government to operate vehicles for tourist transfers and tours.
10. Es aplicable a la presente Carta Contrato la Constitución General de La República Mexicana, la Ley Federal de Turismo, El Reglamento de la Ley de la Materia y el Reglamento de Las Agencias de Viajes en México, por lo que toda interpretación deberá hacerse en base a las Leyes Mexicanas. Las partes contratantes se someten expresamente a la Jurisdicción y Competencia de Los Tribunales del estado de Quintana Roo, renunciando expresamente a cualquier otro domicilio presente o futuro que puedan adquirir.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations (Note: no voice messages; cancellations must be notified in written through e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS). If THE CLIENT needs to cancel a request made and paid to PLAYATRANSFERS (One Way or Roundtrip), there will be a refund of 100% if the cancellation is requested with 7 or more days previous to the requested date; for 2 to 6 days previous to the date, there’s a Cancellation fee of 20 USD; for 24 to 48 hours before, there’s a Cancellation fee of 35 USD; for less than 24 hours and 0 minutes before the requested service, there’s a 50 USD Cancellation fee (if the service requested is less than 50 USD, there won’t be refund); if there’s no written notification from part of THE CLIENT and the date and time of the requested service comes to reality, please notify as soon as you’re able and PLAYATRANSFERS and THE CLIENT will get to a just decision. Please note that as the payments are made through PayPal, you have the chance of requesting a refund from PayPal and they will issue a case where no parts will posses the money (PayPal will have it untill it’s determined who has the right) and that might take more than 30 days, so PLAYATRANSFERS strongly suggests you to contact us before issuing a case through PayPal.