Frequently asked questions

About Playa Transfers

Playatransfers is based in Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo estate in Mexico. Please read about us to know more.

Even though that is our main activity, Playatransfers also provides daytrips or tours. Our website provides more information about these services.

Yes. We usually give 10% of discount to them. Ask for it. Sometimes we need to travel and they also help us find good deals in their working area.

About Reservations

No. You must make one reservation at the time.

Our payment option is through PayPal

PayPal is the safest and easiest online payment option without exposing your card info to Playatransfers. PayPal has over 150 million members worldwide. You can pay with your credit or debit card, with e-check or with your PayPal account (not necessary to have this). Our prices are in USD and do not need any conversion.

If the Client comes recommended or if has used the services of Playatransfers in the past, we can consider that option. This must be mention in the box of Comments during the reservation. The payment must be paid in full at the end of the first transfer (we will provide a Transfer-Voucher for the return as a confirmation).

  1. First, click over the “Get a Quick Quote” button and type in the destination name. Our Ajax program will ‘read’ your destination and will display a list of related places; please choose the one that matches with your destination; then choose the number of adults and children (under 12 years old) in your group and click over the “Get a Quote” button.
  2. The system will display two quotes: One Way, which means just one trip from/to the airport; and Roundtrip, which includes the way from the airport to the destination place and vice versa. Click over the desired service to confirm your reservation.
  3. The system will ask you to accept the Terms and Conditions which highlights the Client’s rights as well as the Playatransfers’ responsibilities and rights.
  4. Then will appear the different fields where you will have to fill in with the proper information for your services. Please make sure to type in your e-mail address correctly.
  5. When you fill in all the fields, click over the “Continue” button and the system will confirm your entered information and in the bottom will display a PayPal button which you will have to click on so you can proceed to pay. There will be two options: one enclosed on a box at your right side where it asks your PayPal account log in information (this is in case your already have a PayPal account); the second option is in the left side and it asks: “Don’t have a PayPal account?” and then it says: “Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue” so click over the “Continue” button and from then you can easily enter your information.
  6. Playatransfers will receive your payment and will send a confirmation for your service(s) to your e-mail address under the subject: “Welcome letter from Playatransfers”. This e-mail will also contain the arrival hints for the best way to find us at the airport once you arrive.

Yes. You have to mention this in the box of Comments during your reservation. We will monitor the different arrival planes and will be alert for the one landing the latest. Please be aware that the Cancun Airport has three terminals and that Playatransfers will attend the actual arrival time, so, in the case the arrivals are different terminals, part of the group (the one arriving earlier) will have to take an airport shuttle in order to meet the other part of the group (the one arriving the latest) and then all will depart from the same terminal. If the Client doesn’t inform Playatransfers of the extra flight information, Playatransfers won’t be responsible and can charge extra for waiting or moving to a different terminal (20 USD for moving to a different terminal and 40 USD for the extra hour). The payment must be in cash.

Yes. Within the reservation box (please read the “Reservation Procedure”) there is a field which says “Special requests or Comments”, please mention that you’re making a reservation from the destination place to the airport and we will understand and confirm you that reservation with a pick up time from your place (you can change it to your convenient time or in the same box you can ask for an specific pick up time).

Yes. Within the reservation box (please read the “Reservation Procedure”) there is a field which says “Special requests or Comments”, please mention that you’re making a reservation from the destination place to the airport and we will understand and confirm you that reservation with a pick up time from your place (you can change it to your convenient time or in the same box you can ask for an specific pick up time).

Yes, but not automatically. If your group is going to different destinations, you must contact Playatransfers with a specific plan so we can give you a proper quote. If you don’t tell Playatransfers and on the way to your destination you mention this, there will be an extra charge depending on the destination and the distance (minimum 20 USD) so please prepare extra cash for this.

Yes. During the reservation process, the Client can find this option easily. Playatransfers has failed two times during 5 years of service (this we tell you in order to have an idea of how bad it is that you don’t get your requested seat(s)). This request has no extra charge but the provision of it depends on the day’s schedule. We have one baby seat, two car seats and three booster seats in stock for your children. As a side note: the Mexican Law doesn’t push people to use these special seats for children as other countries do (this we mention to let you know that we will not break the law if your children don’t use them). Of course all of our vehicles have seat belts that work perfectly.

If you still go as one group on the departure, even though there are different flights, please enter the information of the flight leaving earlier and in the box of Comments mention the information for the other flight(s). If you need to reserve two or more departures where the group will split due to long time frame or different dates of departure, you have to reserve one service at the time and start the online booking process for each one

No. This is considered illegal because Playatransfers is a pre-arranged ground transportation provider and not a taxi service. If you want to do that, you have to use discretion with the driver, and he will ask the office and might not be able and deny the request. If there is space and the office agrees to take the risk, there will be an extra charge per person of 20 USD each way (our online reservation worths it because you won’t pay that much). This will be for the same destination. Different destination will cause an extra charge depending on the distance from the original destination.

Yes. During your reservation process, and in the box of “Special Requests or Comments” ask for a 10% of discount and give us your previous alphanumeric confirmation so Playatransfers can confirm it. Then click over the “Continue” button and stop the procedure there because Playatransfers will send a money request manually with the discount for you.

The maximum of passengers per vehicle is 10 people, so all the services that pass this number must make several reservations or contact Playatransfers to let us know about your necessities. Playatransfers offers 10% of discount for two or more vehicles.

Playatransfers don’t have buses, but has worked in the past for wedding groups as well as incentive groups who need several vans or even buses. Playatransfers can quote these types of services with a very reasonable price.

About the Arrival

As explained in the number 6 of the Reservation Procedure, Playatransfers will send you an e-mail with a detailed explanation of how to find us at the airport as well as contact numbers.

Playatransfers monitors your arriving plane, so you don’t need to call us. We will certainly be there for you. In the case your plane is cancelled or if you changed the arrival plane due to missing the plane, then you will have to call us as soon as you know this so we can make the proper changes. If you don’t inform Playatransfers with time in advance, Playatransfers is not responsible and won’t refund a full amount (a partial refund can be sent if the Client request it, but the One Way price will apply and the rest will be refunded). If the Client comes in another flight within the same day or another day and calls Playatransfers at the very moment of arrival, there is no responsibility to provide the service and there won’t be a total refund, but there will be the chance to provide the return pick up to the airport (or the partial refund will be sent if the Client wants it).

During the Transfer

This option must be requested in the box of Comments during the reservation process. There are different types of stop requests: for buying drinks on the way, for buying groceries (if the Client stays at a house or a condo), to stop at an office to get the keys of the condo, or to go to the bathroom. If the driver has time to stop for drinks, there is no extra charge if the stop is no longer than 5 minutes (sometimes the driver won’t have time and can deny the stop for drinks; of course the driver will find a way for an emergency like going to bathroom); in order to stop for keys, there is an extra charge of 20 USD and in order to stop for groceries, there is an extra charge of 20 USD for up to thirty minutes and 40 USD for up to one hour (this also must be requested in the box of Comments during your reservation. Please note that if there is not a grocery store on the way to your destination, Playatransfers will deny the request too).

Our experience has shown that the most common tip for each transfer is 10 USD; then what a driver considers a very good tip are 15 USD and 20 USD as an excellent tip. This subject is just informative and is not mandatory. We have had cases when our drivers don’t receive any tip and cases when they receive 100 USD as a tip (our record is 150 USD in one transfer).

Even though this is not a common practice, Playatransfers tolerate it due to children’s desperation mainly. Sometimes groups of party people would like to drink or have some snacks during the transfer and is not a problem. But we encourage passengers to respect the cleanness of the vehicle in order to keep providing an excellent service to all of our clients. If the Client wants to drink alcoholic beverages during the transfer, there is no problem with the Law, but always in a reasonable manner. Playatransfers has the right to deny the service to persons under drugs or alcoholic state.

About the Return

This applies for Roundtrip reservations only. When you arrive, Playatransfers will ask you for the Welcome letter (previously printed by the Client) and on the way to the destination we will provide you a coupon called Transfer-Voucher. It has two parts: one for the Client and one for Playatransfers. The coupons have the proper information given by the Client for the departure and will have a suggested pick up time. The Client must read it carefully and has to make sure that everything is correct and put his/her signature on the coupon for Playatransfers as a confirmation. Each one of the coupons has a box where the Client can add some observations as well as the option of changing the pick up time (this must be written in both coupons). The coupon of the Client must be kept by the Client in a safe place and must be presented the day of the departure at the pick up time. If the Client needs to change the pick up time, the Client must call Playatransfers in one of the phone numbers provided at the bottom of the Transfer-Voucher with at least 18 hours previous to the pick up time.

About the Vehicles

Playatransfers has three vehicles. All are vans models 2005, 2006 and 2008. All with insurance and with seat belts. All with air conditioning. There are other transportation companies that work along with Playatransfers and their vehicles are in the same conditions as the ones of Playatransfers.

Not all the drivers speak English, but what we guarantee is at least the basic language so both parts can understand each other.

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