Our staff:


Owner and driver. Tello now is more focused on the office job, so he drives just once in a while. Tello drives 98 Km/hour (61 miles an hour) in the open highway, so safety is guaranteed. Father of two little children: Amber Lizbeth of 7 and Tello Daniel of 4. His wife, Liz, has helped him a lot in his organization. They’ve been married for 7 years. Even they live in Playa del Carmen, they go to the beach about three times a year. Tello plays the acoustic guitar and likes all type of music, but country music (joke). You can read about this person in our Testimonials.


This driver is a kind, helpful man who all the time is polishing his service for the better. He drives 98 Km/hour too. He has gotten some testimonials and hopefully increase them with the time. Father of three grown up children, one of them married, Raul enjoys his family with his wife and ‘kids’. Raul loves classical music and enjoys conversational people. Raul likes to have a well planned schedule and apply it rightfully.


Joaquín, as Raúl and Tello, drives 98 km/hr. He’s also kind, friendly and a helpful person. Being a father of two middle aged children (14 and 9, girl and boy), Joaquin puts his best effort to improve and put ‘the bread on the table’. He’s an open person and enjoys all type of music, but his favorite is hip hop. He enjoys playing basketball and spending his free time with his family.