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Be not the leaders, but the best choice via Internet in the business of private ground transportation from and to the Cancun airport and the Mayan Riviera areas through the achievement of the complete satisfaction of the client in all its areas: from the online reservation, the arrival contact, the transfer to the destination and the return to the airport.


Grow serving, serve growing.

Who we are:

Playatransfers is a small company with three ground transportation unites and trustful subcontracted transportation companies that help us when required. We’re focused on the business of private airport transfers to and from the Cancun airport to almost all hotels, houses and condominiums located in Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and places around. Our goal is to serve tourists satisfying their ground transportation needs.


Read how Playatransfers has become a successful ground transportation company.
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Tello García, the owner, started working as a driver for a company dedicated to work for travel agencies and tour operator companies in December 2002. He also worked as a promoter of the company by visiting bell boys at hotels located in the area so they could call Tello and ask for a transportation service as an open service to drive around the area or a transfer to the airport. As his expectations became unreachable working as an employee, he started leasing and driving a van for his own in June 2003. He started working more with tour operator companies who really enjoyed working with Tello. The problem was the Account Department of the tour operator companies because the burocracy of the payment process became really long (in some cases Tello had to wait 14 weeks to be paid for a certain number of services). Anyways, business was growing and finally Tello had the chance to buy his first van in November 2004 (of course with a down payment and the rest by monthly payments). When Tello thought everything was going to be better, problems araised: Tello was not allowed to drive the new van till he had his federal licensed plates for the van. Days passed and after waiting 116 days, finally in Feb 2005 Tello was able to start driving.

By then, Tello met Jeff Hughes, the property manager of Rentals Your Way, and told Tello that he needed a trustful and reliable airport transfer supplier. So Tello started the paper work needed in order to be an official ground transportation company at Cancun Airport; and by March 2005 Tello entered into the airport transfers business, besides the transfers for tour operator companies. Jeff Hughes as well as Ginger Juhl (a very nice friend Tello met from Playadreams, another rental company) started spreading the mouth about Tello’s services to tourists who already booked a plane ticket and a condo or house to stay (mainly in Playa del Carmen).

Then Tello met lots of people who became friend and at the same time spreaded Tello’s services to friends and relatives. Friends like Steve and Stacey Persichetti and Frank and Suzanne Incaprero and also Sue Gunn and Carolyn O’Neill have been spreading Tello’s services to their own guests and friends. There are also tourists who have spreaded Tello’s services to their friends and relatives too.

But in that same year 2005, something huge was about to come… yes, Hurricane Wilma in October 2005. Nobody came for the first 20 days after the hurricane, Tello cried… business seemed to be sinking… what to do? How to pay the debts? Of course friends were concerned and were e-mailing right the way. But Tello, supported by his beloved wife Liz, took courage and ‘rose from the ashes’… Tello started phoning the companies he owed money to stating that there was no way to make an income with no tourists coming. So there were good news: there was a 4 month space time counting since Oct 2005 with no paying at all: no paying credit cards, no paying mortgages, no paying nothing. Wow, what a relief! So 2 months after Wilma, business was ready to run.

There was money in the pockets, money at the bank, Tello was ready to keep paying the debts. But it was 4 months, so there were still two months with no hurries to pay… what to do? Guess what? Tello contact Horacio Peña, a very trustful and nice person dedicated to web design. Tello told Horacio the idea of having a website with an online reservation program so that tourists who were looking for private transportation found the option offered by Tello.

So in March 2006 Tello entered the e-World with Playatransfers and has been offering his services since then to new people who are surfing on the web looking for someone reliable. In March 2007 the second van appeared and Raul Garcia started working for Playatransfers, so he started getting his Testimonials too. The company has been growing gradually and by March 2008 Joaquín Mar also entered as a driver so Tello stopped driving and is more dedicated to office job attending e-mails as well as phone calls. On April 2008 a new van has entered the company, so three vans by now, ah? And all of this relies on the thankfulness from people who recommend our services.

That is why the philosophy of the company is 'Grow serving, serve growing', because we want to give our best while the company grows. So, thank you for reading this and hopefully you can use Playatransfers as your ground transportation company and become part of this small company with a human touch.